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As I’ve begun to collect countless primary sources for my 485, Zotero has been almost unfairly helpful as I collect and cite my research. Although it’s presented as a scholarly charged website. zotero is helpful to any collector of digital items or files. The only “personal reflections” I have made on a blog are normally strictly academic. Despite this, I do read blogs on the internet such as the sports blog deadspin and I’ve even, perhaps glanced at perezhilton…. Last week was the first time learning of RSS, and the short tutorial video we watched convinced me to create a googlereader for my own pleasure. So far I’ve added sites like deadspin, bbcnews, cnn, espn, and of course our own class’ blog. Sites like bbc, cnn, and espn are constantly cramming my GR inbox with stories, and I’ve found that the GR/blog combo is one that I prefer and enjoy the most and would recommend.


First off, any website that requires a “click” to enter the site kind of creeps me out… Despite this I think that the all around best page is Valley of the Shadow. As I said before, I’m collecting primary docs for my 485, and have found nothing as organized or helpful as this. I thought the French Revolution site had a cheap feel and I had no desire to click “explore” on that fat man’s bald head. Although I did notice in the fine print at the bottom that the site is in collaboration with Rosenwhig, which I’m sure gives it credibility beyond the initial layout. The UMW archive site was exactly what I expected it to be. It may lack the flare that other sites offer, but all the needed tools are listed and easy to navigate. As for the Emancipation site, I again felt like I was being lured into a trap with the “click” to enter feature. However once I found the courage to pass that barrier, I found a nicely organized site which had some pretty cool maps (which I’m a sucker for). I’d say that the Gilded Age page is the easiest on the eyes, and perhaps the best organized. The “explore the city” feature is extremely cool, but also a little depressing when you realize how flat and treeless Nebraska actually is. The site I chose at a whim was Elvis at 21. Really enjoyed the site as it had a clean cut layout, with no click to enter, and a search bar in the top right corner. Looking around these sites has definitely given me an idea of what to include and what to avoid, while constructing our group’s website.

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Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and I’m in my final full semester of my senior year. Along with writing my thesis, i’m taking 3 other classes and playing lacrosse. I’ll finish up my semester 6 credits short to graduate, so i’ll be going on the European Capitals trip in May to satisfy my graduation requirements. Throughout all of the classes I’ve taken here, this will be the first one where a group project is the biggest component. Also I think that it is great that we will have the chance to create/improve upon our resumes/e-portfolios. That should be especially helpful for those of us who will be seeking employment in the near future… Looking forward to this class but wishing we could move the start time to 10.

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