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February, 2012 Monthly archive

Thursday morning proved to be a productive one for our group, as we divided our work and made strides towards finishing our contract. We plan to meet online again this Sunday and add the finishing touches necessary to turn it in on Monday. I think the contract will be extremely helpful as it will be a great reference point to refer back to during this process.

I am now on my 3rd consecutive bus trip with wi-fi capabilities/outlets to charge my comp. This will prove extremely helpful this semester as its normally impossible to get work done before or after away games.

Fortunately this is a happy blog post because our team won 10-9 today, and our bus is chugging up I-64 towards the closest Chipotle.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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First off I’d like to announce that Coach busses now have Wi-Fi, as I sit here typing my blog post with my stinky lax team on I-81…..

Google Earth has long been a favorite of mine as I’ve always loved interactive maps. The new feature that allows you to see the Doppler radar is extremely cool and the 3D capabilities are kinda neat too.

I’ve used Google Maps regularly for directions, or whenever I am trying to find a Chipotle in a new city. For my personalized map, I chose to map out the 6 places that I’ve lived for a significant amount of time. I drew lines to represent the path that I took from VA, NC, TX, back to NC, and finally here in Fred.


Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.

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