— Rmont


Our further research of the historical state markers has been one of the larger aspects of our work so far. Some markers have plenty of extra information to include, while others are so miniscule that seems impossible to locate other facts aside from the inscription on the actual marker.

For example, one of my markers is “Burnt Ordinary”. Wikipedia has a page dedicated to Burnt Ordinary, but the only information it includes is from the inscription on the marker. Also, the only citation it includes is from the website that we have used to identify our new markers.

After a significant amount of digging through the internet, I found that there was a small skirmish at Burnt Ordinary during the Civil War. I discovered this information in the pages of The History of the United States Cavalry, through google books. I was glad to finally find this extra information, but I thought it was especially cool that I found  information that wasn’t mentioned at all on the inscription of the marker.

I’ve also been using Zotero this and my 485 which is SWEET!

Hope everyone is having a great SB.

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