— Rmont


Today’s lesson plan was especially pertinent to my current situation, as I have a job interview at the end of this month. Just last week I scoured my facebook and removed pictures that I felt weren’t appropriate for my possible employers to view. Also I recently created a twitter account and have tried to stay mindful of how I interact with other people.


1) Having no digital identity or footprint on the internet is a negative when potential employers search your name.

2) It is possible to manipulate how people find/view you on the internet.. ex) purchasing a domain name and creating your own website.

3) Be mindful of your digital footprint.. Luckily the stats i’ve accumulated on the lacrosse field fill in the majority of my DF, and my facebook and twitter accounts are buried deep in the pages of google.

4) One way to rid yourself of a negative DF, is to create material that is positive.

5) Be mindful of privacy settings on social networks, and watch out for hackers.

Also I hope everyone has UNC going all the way in your brackets.

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