— Rmont

Black Swan

Dr. Alexander’s presentation on the future of higher education was the first keynote speech that I’ve been to this semester. The audience included President Hurley, Jim Groom, Dr. Greenlaw, a few classmates, and Andy Rush streamed the whole presentation live via the web! Dr. Alexander not only lectured, but also included the audience, as he implored us to collectively answer questions that he posed. He asked us to identify trends that we see in technology, and people put forth answers such as Spotify, Paypal, and I talked about RSS feeds. He also talked about the “black swan” phenomenon, which he defined as any event which happens completely out of the blue that makes a significant change socially, in technology, or culturally. I found this especially interesting, and it reminded me of my friends who aspire to play the stock market one day. Dr. Alexander also asked us to imagine ourselves 10 years into the future, and spoke about how he imagines that libraries and schools will shrink in numbers, as the world becomes more reliant on technology. It is exciting to think of how technology will impact education in the future. Video games will become more pertinent in the learning process, and children will have access to MASSIVE online databases. Overall I really enjoyed the presentation, and it seems like Dr. Alexander is a great guy and admirable scholar.

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