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Group Update

Our group presentation yesterday at Research and Creativity Day was successful, as we were able to describe the purpose, process, and final outcome of our project. Leading up to our presentation I really wanted to make sure our timeline was complete… Through the help of Dr. McClurken and Jim Groom, I was able to gain access to the Google Spreadsheet used by the previous FredMarkers group. Over the weekend I went through the spreadsheet and fixed all of the FredMarker links, and added our own information into the document (marker names, counties, inscriptions, categories, website links, dates, ect.) Once I completed that, Jim sent me a link with all of our marker information added into the timeline, and Sarah was able to figure out how to properly link it to our website. We still plan on changing the header on the timeline to a more universal title that credits both groups, and that links back to our site.

I also received an email from a writer at The Bullet today, who is writing an article about our project. We are meeting with him tomorrow afternoon for an interview to discuss our website and its significance! I owe my friend who was able to put me in touch with the right people to get this article in motion.

The Twitter account is keeping me occupied on a daily basis, as I’ve been posting at least one historical marker fact per day, along with other tid-bits of information that relate to our work.

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